September Newsletter

What is your favorite apple to eat? What is your child's favorite? We have been tasting apples, welcoming friends,and preparing for fall at Montessori Country Day! In our September Newsletter, you can: Help us keep MCD more secure Find reminders about safety and arrivals/departures Discover some of the fall activites ahead Help us celebrate Peace … Continue reading September Newsletter

March Newsletter

We're welcoming spring in our March Newsletter. Here's what you can read about inside: Explore ideas for fostering self-esteem and independence in your child See which classes are spacing out, rolling around, digging in, and flying over. Learn why Mondays will be even more imaginative than usual Review important dates, including spring break and our summer … Continue reading March Newsletter

February Newsletter

Cylinders, pink tower, brown stairs, red rods, and more. What's the scoop on sensorial activities? Find out in our Februrary newsletter. Here's is what's inside: Check the latest lunchtime requirements to see if your child's lunch box needs any additions Celebrate Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Learn how our teachers are always learning Find … Continue reading February Newsletter

December Newsletter

We're celebrating the season with traditions from many cultures, gift giving, and a highlight of our "practical life" activities. In our December newsletter, you can... Help us share the joy of giving with students this season Find out how Primary students can "shop" for parents at their own store Discover how grace and courtesy, food … Continue reading December Newsletter

November Newsletter

We are thankful...and in our November newsletter, you'll find the following... Have you scheduled your conference time for tomorrow? Sing with us! (Learn the words to some of the songs your kids have been singing lately!) Discover how we're using noodles, zippers, stones, and puppets to learn and grow. Get free books. Share the joy of … Continue reading November Newsletter

October Newsletter

With changing seasons and growing friendships, we've got lots to celebrate at Montessori Country Day. In our October Newsletter, you can... Get the scoop on our fall social Help us keep MCD more secure Check reminders about clothes, boots, and schedules Find out what child-led activity is next for the Toddler's sensory table Discover which … Continue reading October Newsletter