Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  We hope that you have included Montessori Country Day in your plans for summer 2023.  Summer is always an exciting and enriching program full of indoor and outdoor activities.  Summer camp activities are created with the Montessori Method in mind, love of learning, free choice, independence, mutual respect, and hands on learning. Activities will include arts, crafts, music, dance, tending to the garden, picnics, special guests, splash days and theme-based curriculum involving movement and imagination. 




Dessert Friday caps each summer camp week with all children in the pre-primary and primary classrooms making dessert.  The toddlers will also enjoy a special treat on Friday.  Parents may also opt to buy a pizza lunch on Friday which will be supplemented with a side of fruit and milk or lemonade.


This summer the toddlers will have many exciting themes planned.  Each week we will be exploring a different nature theme with related language and art activities.  
The summer program will be held in their familiar classroom and will follow the same predictable schedule as they had during the school year with additional water play during their outdoor time.  This will allow consistency in routine that toddlers need to feel comfortable and be open to learning.  
If your child is two years old by the beginning of summer, he/she may be moving up to the pre-primary classroom this summer if space permits.



WEEK 1:  GARDENING                               JUNE 1-JUNE 9

                  Our garden will be given some extra TLC as we add some new plants.  Each camper will plant a mystery seed to take home and be surprised to discover what it becomes.  Our children will spend time tending to the garden, watering, and weeding, as well as singing songs, sorting seeds, and learning about the plants that we can grow to eat.

WEEK 2:  UNDER THE SEA                       JUNE 12-JUNE 16                                                          

      This week we will explore what is below the ocean’s surface. Through songs, food, books, and crafts we will dive deep to learn about sea life. From fish and sand our children will have a thrilling journey deep below the sea.

WEEK 2:  DINOSAUR DIG!                        JUNE 19-JUNE 23

                  We will be going back in time to an era of big lizards.  The children will go on a dinosaurs dig and learn about dinosaurs that were in our own backyards here in America.  The fun continues while they make their own fossils and learn about    prehistoric animals.

WEEK 3:  ENCHANTED FOREST                          JUNE 26-JUNE 30

                  Step into the enchanted forest but beware of the fairies dashing past.  Fairy lights, strategically placed lanterns, and electric candles, will assist us in transforming the  beauty of nature into something extra magical.  We will sit around a pretend campfire  and tell tall tales of pixies, elves and woodland fairies that are sure to spur  imaginations.

WEEK 4:  LOST IN SPACE                                      JULY 3-JULY 7

                  Aliens will be invading camp and leaving clues for the campers to find on a treasure hunt.  We will be orbiting the solar system by traveling to other planets and the moon. 10, 9, 8, 7….blast off!    


WEEK 5: OCCUPATIONS                                       JULY 10-JULY 14

Parents are invited to arrange with teachers a time to come and help us understand your occupation.  We will be inviting local police officers, fire fighters, dance teachers, yoga instructors, soccer coaches and business owners to show us what they do every day at work.  Children will have the opportunity both inside and outside to dramatize what they have learned.  We will have many props and costumes added to the classrooms such as, computers, iPads, firetrucks, doctor’s kits and more.

WEEK 6:  KIDS KITCHEN                                      JULY 17-JULY 21

                  We will be putting on our chef’s aprons!  This week campers will be cooking and tasting.  The children will learn about kitchen safety, math, cooking and manners. Montessori Country Day Cookbooks will be coming home at the end of the week.

WEEK 7:  MOVING TO THE MUSIC                       JULY 24-JULY 28

                  We will have a rockin’ good time as we listen to music, make instruments, and play them in our very own marching band.  Our children will discover the joy of the music through their natural curiosity using instruments, creative play, movement, dance and songs.

LAST DAYS:                                                                        JULY 31-AUGUST 2

                 The last few days of camp the campers will choose their favorite activities from our summer fun.