Montessori Country Day is open Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  Classes are held from 8:45-2:30 for toddlers and pre-primary students and 8:45-2:45 for primary students. We offer extended care from 7:15-8:30 and 2:30-5:30. We will not open prior to 7:15 and will close promptly at 5:30.

Children may attend 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week with the following schedule options:

  • Early Morning Care: 7:15-8:30
  • Morning Program: 8:45-1:00 (12:30 for Toddlers and Pre-Primary)
  • Full Day: 8:45-2:45 (2:30 for Toddlers and Pre-Primary)
  • Extended Day: 2:45-5:29

You’ll select a regular schedule for your child as part of the enrollment process.


The Montessori Country Day experience is best described as fun! The internationally acclaimed Montessori Method proves that each child’s work is truly play.

It is important to maintain a fairly consistent schedule for the health and well-being of the children at MCD. They enjoy a predicable routine. The following schedules are used on a daily basis, with changes occurring on special occasions, such as holidays, special events or visitors.

Toddler and Pre-Primary Daily Routine


Children arriving in our Early Morning Care Program are greeted at the Toddler Classroom door. Teachers help parents and children with belongings and separating. Children may eat a relaxed breakfast, read books or choose an activity to work with the teacher, a friend or by themselves.


All students begin arriving. Toddlers stay in their classrooms and help greet newly arriving friends. Pre-primary children move to their classroom and help greet their friends into the classroom. The children help prepare the classrooms and use the restroom or have diapers checked at this time.


Circle time with our Montessori Weather Bear. Children help dress the bear for the day’s weather. This is also time for everyone to get together to sing songs, share some laughs, and practice grace and courtesy.


Half of the students have recess outside on the playground. The youngest children explore their exclusive Toddler play area, and sometimes join the pre-primary students in the main playground. They enjoy the tricycles, sandbox, balls, slides, and more. Children two years and older can swing on the big swing.

During this time, the other half of the students are exploring the prepared environment, receiving lessons and individual time with their teacher. The children are enticed by the new and varied materials prepared by the teacher and progress at their own pace according to their unique interest and abilities.


Children return to their classroom from the playground. After washing their hands, all of the students have a light, nutritious snack.


At this time the children that had recess at 9:00 are receiving lessons in the classroom and the other students now have recess.


The children have a second circle. This is usually a favorite time for most children. Musical instruments, favorite songs, stories, games, finger plays, dancing, drama, balance beam, yoga are some of the exciting activities.


The children wash hands and have a relaxed lunch.


The children are ready for nap! To help comfort and relax the children, teachers rock, pat or rub their backs and play soft music.


As children wake, they use the restroom or are diapered. They may engage in activities in the classroom.


Full-day students are dismissed.


Outdoor learning and activities for students in the Extended Day Program.


Snack time


Children may participate in art, stories, drama, and manipulative activities.


Story time!


All children have been picked up, and school closes for the night.

*Toddlers usually do not have a formal circle time. If teachers sit and read stories or sing songs, the children come running to join the fun.

**Toddlers eat lunch at 11:45 and have naps immediately after lunch.  

Primary Daily Routine


Primary children in the Early Morning Care Program are greeted by the early morning teacher in the multi-purpose room. During the early morning care, children may eat their breakfast or engage in open-ended activities initiated by the children and supervised by a teacher.


Teachers escort early morning students to their classrooms. The children may engage in dramatic play, blocks, art or books. All students begin arriving and are greeted by their teacher at the classroom door.


Children gather for circle time. The children discuss the weather, mark the calendar and sing songs. This is a sharing time for both students and teachers. Teachers present new Montessori works or activities, and discuss and act out grace and courtesy lessons.


Children explore the prepared environment, receiving lessons and working with a friend, teacher or independently. The children choose their work from the different areas of the classroom.

Children may have snack anytime there is a chair vacant at the snack table. The children may invite a friend to join them at the snack table. The children pour their own beverage, carry their plate to the table and eat snack. They are also responsible cleaning up after themselves by cleaning the table, disposing of leftovers in the trash can and placing dirty dishes in the basin provided.


Children gather for a playful circle while taking turns using the restroom. This circle will include games, yoga, balance beam, stories, dramas, musical instruments, favorite songs, finger plays, and dancing.


Playground time! Along with the sandbox, swings and tricycles, the children have access to soccer balls and goals, basketballs and goals, gardening, water tables, large blocks, water tables, painting, climbing, games, chalk drawing, dress up, books, Lego tables, bubbles, and a large slide.


After the children have washed their hands and put their lunch boxes in their chairs, a thankful song is sung. The children set out a cloth napkin or washcloth to use as a placemat and then put their lunches on the placemat. After lunch, the children will place all uneaten food back in their lunchbox so parents can see the amount or kinds of food to pack.


Rest Time! Lights are low and soft music is played. Most of the children sleep and teachers will comfort with pats on the back. Older children that don’t fall asleep may read or do quiet activities on their cot.


Children wake, go to restroom and prepare to go home or apply sunscreen and prepare for recess.


Full-day students are escorted to car line by teachers. Students in the Extended Day Program gather in the multi-purpose room for free play.


During our extended day care, primary children have snack time and recess. They also participate in art, stories and manipulative activities.


All children have been picked up, and school closes for the night.