Welcome from the Founder of Montessori Country Day

On behalf of our community of teachers, parents and children, I thank you for your interest in our school.

Montessori Country Day is dedicated to the growth of the total child. Socially, emotionally, developmentally, academically and physically, your child’s needs will be met on a daily basis.

The Montessori philosophy provides a prepared environment to meet the needs of your child based on where he or she is in development. A positive self-esteem and a love of learning are our goals for each child. These goals can be achieved through the independence children acquire as they learn to make choices, talk about their feelings and be responsible members of the classroom.

Choosing the right educational environment for your child is an important decision and this website is designed to provide you with information to help you through that process. These pages may be especially helpful:

To begin the admissions process, please contact me to schedule a tour. Since I teach and assist in classrooms throughout the school day, I schedule tours by appointment.

As a Montessori educator, I look forward to meeting you to discuss the unique characteristics of your child and sharing all the amazing benefits of a true Montessori education.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Maggie Whitmire

The Admissions Process

Applications are received all year. Depending on availability, students may be admitted immediately or placed on a waiting list.

As a courtesy, siblings of enrolled students and the children of our staff receive first consideration regarding availability. All other enrollments are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Admissions Checklist

  1. Schedule a tour. (Call 828-697-1011 or email maggie@montessoricountryday.org.)
  2. Visit the school on your tour, meet Maggie, explore the classrooms and materials and ask questions. (You are welcome to come observe on a follow-up visit as well!)
  3. Register by filling out the Application Form and return it with your $30 non-refundable registration fee. (Pick up paperwork during your tour or click here for PDFs.)
  4. Read through the Family Handbook. It includes important details about emergency procedures, arrival and departure time, lunches and school policies. Close to your child’s start date, you’ll also receive our welcome email series, which is a good way to read or review the handbook over several days.
  5. Prior to your child’s first day, please fill out and return the following forms:
    1. Discipline & Behavior Management Policy
    2. Emergency Care Authorization
    3. Departure Release & Contact Authorization
    4. Parent Permission & Agreements
    5. Social Media Policy
    6. Children’s Medical Report (due within 2 weeks of enrollment)
    7. Immunization History (due within 2 weeks of enrollment)
  6. Review the Authorization for Direct Payment (ACH) that Maggie provides and return it with a voided check.
  7. If needed, talk with Maggie to decide on your child’s start date.
  8. Update your calendar with details from our School Calendar.
  9. Sign up for inclement weather text alerts from WLOS.
  10. Gather the items you’ll need for school.

We look forward to seeing you and your child!